montague island tours



A visit to Montague Island Nature Reserve is a unique and exclusive offshore adventure.

Montague Island is an offshore island. It can be cut off from the mainland vessel access due to sea and swell conditions thus delaying access to and from the Island. In some instances delays may involve several days.

The NPWS (Department of Environment and Climate Change – DECC) reserves the right to delay, cancel, change or extend a program itinerary prior to or during the program.

1. In the event of a program being extended on Montague Island beyond what participants have booked due to inclement weather/sea conditions or other unforeseen events the self guided experience will be extended. As a consequence there will be a nominal additional program fee charged of $30 per person per night until such time as participants can safely leave the Island. The fee is subsidised and helps defray the costs of hosting visitors on the Island. To account for an extended stay on the Island, it is recommended that participants allow some time at the end of the program before scheduling onward travel. In this event extra catering will be provided by NPWS.

2. In the event of a program cancellation by NPWS or the Charter Vessel, prior to departure participants will be given a full refund.

3. Any cancellation by participants will be considered effective from the date the NPWS receives formal notification and is subject to a cancellation fee as follows:
• The minimum fee for any cancellation is $50.
• If cancellation takes place 30-15 days before start date, 50% of the cost of the program will be forfeited.
• If cancellation takes place 14 days or less before the start date 100% of the program costs will be forfeited.

4. NPWS reserves the right to cancel any program in the event of bad weather conditions making boat travel to the Island unsafe. In these instances your full program payment will be refunded.

5. In the event of a program being shortened by one or more nights a part refund will be made available. This amount is subject to the duration the program has been shortened by and is determined on a pro-rata basis by NPWS.

• NPWS will not be responsible or held liable for any costs resulting from such cancellation or program alteration.
• NPWS cannot guarantee arrival or departure times, and are not liable for passengers failing to connect with other services in the event of late arrival.
• Every reasonable effort has been made to describe the program accurately. NPWS will not be held responsible for any changes that occur after the program material was produced, nor will NPWS accept liability for happenings outside our reasonable control.
• Travel insurance is not included. We strongly recommend that participants take out comprehensive travel insurance against illness, injury, emergency medical evacuation, loss and damage to personal belongings, or not be able to travel on a confirmed date of departure.
• For your safety it is recommended that participants inform NPWS of any relevant medical condition or pre-existing injury or allergies prior to departure. NPWS reserves the right to decline any person as a member of the program. Medication and medical insurance is the responsibility of participants. Given the nature of the program participants should have sufficient supplies of medications to cover an extended stay on the Island.
• Consumption of alcoholic beverages is limited to the guest house accommodation. Smoking on the Island is limited to the areas immediately outside the accommodation facilities.
• Animals mentioned in the program itinerary are native and wild. While it is likely wildlife will be seen we cannot guarantee the appearance of wildlife. In the event these native animals are not seen as planned there are no refunds available.
• NPWS reserves the right to take photographs or videos of participants during a program, and to use the resulting images for promotional purposes. By booking a program participants agree to allow the images to be used for such purposes. Any participant not wishing this to happen should identify themselves to the guide at the commencement of the program.
• Participants should note that travel involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard participants and their belongings NPWS are not responsible or liable for any damage, loss, or theft to luggage or personal belongings or for personal injury, illness or death, however caused, arising either during or from the program.
• Participants will be required to read and agree to the Island’s code of conduct.
• Parking of vehicles prior to departure is the responsibility of participants. NPWS are not responsible or liable for any damage to or theft of vehicles of participants.


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